[debian-mysql] factoring out mysql-common (was: Re: About packages that depend on mysql-* / mariadb / virtual-mysql-*)

Robie Basak robie.basak at canonical.com
Thu Apr 28 14:12:41 UTC 2016

Hi Andreas,

On Fri, Apr 22, 2016 at 08:09:38PM +0200, Andreas Beckmann wrote:
> Here we go:
> git://git.debian.org/git/users/anbe/tmp/mysql-defaults.git

Thank you for doing this for us! I will take a closer look, but my queue
for MySQL is pretty big at the moment, so a couple of quick things.

> * needs some Uploaders to be added
> * maybe debian/copyright could be reduced, probably several people in
> there never touched mysql-common
> * maybe needs some bugs to be closed
> the mysql-5.6 git repo is not up-to-date, otherwise I would have
> provided a commit for removal of mysql-common

Sorry! Done now. I wait on the queue accept email before pushing to git,
but for my last upload it took so long (hours) I forgot all about it.

Please note though that there is a mysql-5.7 tree and our work is
focused there and is effectively our main development branch now, with
the 5.6 master branch just being for essential fixes needed before the
transition. I'm not sure if anything relevant to mysql-common changed in
5.7 though but this should probably be checked.

This confusion is actually a good example of why I think we should have
a single git tree rather than one per MySQL source package.

I don't know whether we should do the removal now in 5.6 or wait until
5.7 lands (I haven't started this yet). We could always just do both so
as not to block things.

> PS: and you get default-mysql-{client,server}{,core} for free ;-)

Do we want this? Given that the team doesn't agree on what is default,
does this serve a useful purpose?


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