[debian-mysql] MySQL 5.7 Packaging

Bjoern Boschman bjoern at boschman.de
Wed Feb 24 16:13:51 UTC 2016


I've included most of your changes as well as the -boost tarball.
There had been some errors due to duplicate files. e.g.

mysql-common.install: usr/share/mysql/*/errmsg.sys
mysql-server-core-5.7.install: usr/share/mysql/charsets

Hopefully I've sorted them out.

Everythings builds fine and can be tested on my repo

@Oracle guys:
Please proceed working on the same git folder.
What about skipping mysql-5.6 for Debian/stretch and going directly towards


2016-02-03 15:28 GMT+01:00 Lars Tangvald <lars.tangvald at oracle.com>:

> Hi,
> I'm sorry, I completely missed this mail (badly set up mail filters).
> It would definitely be best if we worked together on it, though I've been
> continuing work on my github branch the last few days.
> I had trouble getting the alioth branch to build on my system, so I'm not
> sure what state it's in?
> Possibly import the mysql-5.7-boost tarball (
> http://dev.mysql.com/get/Downloads/MySQL-5.7/mysql-boost-5.7.10.tar.gz)
> as well as my mysql-alt branch, and take it from there?
> --
> Lars
> On 02/01/2016 10:59 PM, Bjoern Boschman wrote:
> Hi Lars,
> the diff between your version and the version found on alight is quite
> huge
> jesusch at bjoern:~/git/mysql$ diff -ru mysql-5.7/debian/
> mysql-5.7-ltangv/debian/ | wc -l
> 9346
> Is there any chance that we can work together on the same version?
> Preferably on the alioth version as it is meant to be the version used for
> debian/ubuntu?
> Cheers
> B
> Am 01.02.2016 um 08:05 schrieb Lars Tangvald < <lars.tangvald at oracle.com>
> lars.tangvald at oracle.com>:
> Hi,
> I've uploaded 5.7 packaging to my github at
> <https://github.com/ltangvald/mysql-5.7/tree/mysql-alt>
> https://github.com/ltangvald/mysql-5.7/tree/mysql-alt (the master branch
> contains the failed attempt at basing this on upstream's packaging).
> Would appreciate any help with reviewing and testing so we can get it
> cleaned up.
> Bjoern: I included some of the fixes you made on
> <http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-mysql/mysql-5.7.git>
> http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-mysql/mysql-5.7.git, but your work was
> based on the normal tarball, which won't work with in the build process,
> since then it has to download boost.
> We released a new upstream tarball that contains the boost headers needed
> to build 5.7 to deal with this problem.
> There's a launchpad bug for this at
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mysql-5.6/+bug/1528583
> --
> Lars

Mit freundlich Grüßen / Kind regards

Björn Boschman
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