[debian-mysql] [ottok/mariadb-10.0] add python dependency to package mariadb-test-data (#44)

Kristian Nielsen knielsen at knielsen-hq.org
Fri Oct 21 19:49:28 UTC 2016

Otto Kekäläinen <notifications at github.com> writes:

> The Lintian error might be a false positive for us, the test suite run
> does not normally use Python at all, those are some extra files. We
> need to research a bit an maybe ask @knielsen or Elena Stepanova what
> is appropriate here.

So these files are from TokuDB:


So I checked, and yes, this looks like a false positive. These files are
script that were used to generate the similarly named .test file for the
test suite. They are not needed to actually run the tests.

So these are source files only, and probably should not be packaged at all
(only the generated .test files are actually used when running the test
suite. So I guess the "proper" fix would be to omit these files from the
mariadb-test-data package. Or that upstream `make install` would not install
them in the first place.

If it's easy to add exceptions for package file lists (I am not sufficiently
familiar with .deb tools to know if it is), I would just omit these files
from package mysql-test-data.

But in the end, this is not an important issue I think, whatever simple fix
can be made should be good, lintian exception or whatever. Even just adding
the python dependency (as in this pull request) would not be very harmful, I
think - installing the mariadb test suite is rarely done in the first place,
and probably even more rarely done in cases where having python as well is a

Hope this helps,

 - Kristian.

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