[debian-mysql] Bug#842011: Bug#842011: default-mysql-client forces removal of mysql-server* and mysql-client*

Robie Basak robie.basak at ubuntu.com
Tue Oct 25 12:09:23 UTC 2016

On Tue, Oct 25, 2016 at 10:00:32PM +1100, Craig Sanders wrote:
> it still seems very surprising to me that a package called
> default-MYSQL-client would force the removal of mysql-client* and
> mysql-server*

I agree this is confusing. Unfortunately we don't have a common name
that describes both MariaDB and MySQL. "MySQL-like" is perhaps the best
we can do. The package name would be default-<something>-client. What do
you suggest that <something> should be?

> IMO іf it can't be sorted out with alternatives, then it should be a
> completely separate package. and other packages that need a mysql-like db
> should depend on mysql or mariadb or either with 'mysql | mariadb'.

It is a completely separate package that conflicts with the MySQL
packages as appropriate. Packages that need a mysql-like db should
depend on "default-mysql-server | virtual-mysql-server". In other words,
this already works from the MySQL/MariaDB packaging end.

> having mariadb be the default for new installations is perfectly
> reasonable, as long as people can chose to install mysql instead. but
> forcing it on systems that have been running mysql for years is not at
> all reasonable, it would be quite easy to break your existing database -
> and possibly have no way to fix/revert the problem if there are no more
> mysql packages available.

I agree with you, but the release team have made their decision against
our wishes. There's no point arguing with us. We know.

> i suspect you'll get lots of bug reports about this when ѕtretch becomes
> the new stable.  people don't like surprises.  they especially don't
> like surprises with their databases.

Agreed, but they'll probably all be "wontfix"ed, since the release team
have made their decision. Perhaps I should create a bug entitled
"Consequences of removing MySQL from testing", "wontfix" that and dupe
everything to it.

> if this is the plan then there really needs to be a foolproof,
> automated, thorougly tested migration script.  and even then it should
> still be easy to back out and revert to mysql.

This does not exist, and currently nobody has the time to work on this.
I believe MySQL->MariaDB works right now, but the reverse direction
certainly doesn't. Users should take backups before upgrading.

> what i care about is the surprising outcome of having mysql-server (and
> mysql-client) uninstalled when i think i'm upgrading a mysql package,
> because mysql is in the package's name.
> if debian is dropping all support for mysql, then mariadb should just
> have *mariadb* package names, and not pretend to be mysql when it isn't.

I see your point. Unfortunately it's more complicated than that
(expectations of compatibility, etc). I don't expect any changes on this

Technically detailed proposals for changes are welcome on the
pkg-mysql-maint list. Then we can go into the pros and cons of those
proposals and make a decision. Right now though, there are no plans.

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