[debian-mysql] Bug#842011: Bug#842011: default-mysql-client forces removal of mysql-server* and mysql-client*

Lars Tangvald lars.tangvald at oracle.com
Tue Oct 25 13:42:11 UTC 2016

----- robie.basak at ubuntu.com wrote:

> Hi Craig,
> On Tue, Oct 25, 2016 at 08:01:26PM +1100, Craig Sanders wrote:
> > it's somewhat surprising that a package called default-mysql-client
> should
> > force the removal of both mysql-client and mysql-server packages.
> Please could you explain your use case? What are you trying to do at
> a
> high level and why?
> I agree that it's surprising that installing mariadb-client-10.0
> forces
> the removal of mysql-server-5.7. This appears to be because
> mysql-server-5.7 depends on mysql-client-5.7.
> Lars, do you know why this is necessary? Is this something we can
> drop?
SysV and upstart scripts use mysqladmin (which is in the client) to verify that the server is running. 5.7 has some inbuilt support for systemd, so for systemd at least it's not needed.

> > mariadb is NOT a drop-in replacement for mysql.
> It does, however, take over various binary paths, so the equivalent
> (server<->server, client<->client) packages must conflict, or the
> MariaDB packaging needs to rename all the "mysql" names to "mariadb"
> names, or the MySQL packaging needs to stop using any "mysql" names,
> or
> we need extreme update-alternatives work. I don't see any other
> options.
> The Debian MySQL maintainers team has always taken the first approach
> (they conflict so a particular system can have MariaDB or MySQL but
> not
> both). I don't believe we have any intention of changing this, but if
> you think we should, perhaps we should track that in a separate bug.
> Separately, MySQL will be leaving testing shortly, so I'm surprised
> that
> you care. See bug 837615.
> You said:
> > default-mysql-client forces removal of mysql-server* and
> mysql-client*
> Forcing the removal of mysql-server* seems to me to be surprising, so
> I'll leave this bug open to look into that.
> Forcing the removal of mysql-client* is by design, so this is
> "wontfix"
> without further discussion. If you want to take this further then
> please
> could you file a separate bug for that ("mysql-client-* conflicts
> with
> mariadb-client-*), so we can distinguish between the different root
> causes? It will immediately be a wontfix but I welcome technically
> feasible arguments to have that changed.
> Robie

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