[debian-mysql] autopkgtest change due to ab5125eb ('Remove version number from test package names')

Nish Aravamudan nish.aravamudan at canonical.com
Mon Feb 27 23:41:42 UTC 2017


I spent some time today trying to figure out why mariadb-10.1 was stuck
in Ubuntu's 17.04 excuses and I think it's because of the change in

Both src:mariadb-10.1 and src:mariadb-10.0 produce mariadb-test and the
d/t/control file only specifies mariadb-test (without a version), when
we run the autopkgtests for src:mariadb-10.0 and a mariadb-test built
from src:mariadb-10.1 is available in the repositories (true for 17.04
with -proposed [0] or in Debian unstable now [1]), the autopkgtests will
fail, as the mariadb-test built from src:mariadb-10.1 will depend on
mariadb-server from src:mariadb-10.1 and the tests in src:mariadb-10.0
are not guaranteed to be compatible (e.g., different options as seem to
be the issue here).

Could this change be undone and d/t/control specify that it depends on
mariadb-test-<as from the src package we are testing> rather than




Nishanth Aravamudan
Ubuntu Server
Canonical Ltd

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