[debian-mysql] stretch-pu review: package mariadb-10.1/10.1.24-0+deb9u1

Ian Jackson ijackson at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Fri Jul 14 21:56:17 UTC 2017

I looked at this request.

tl/dr: it contains undiscussed upstream changes and I think it should
be referred back to the submitter for more information.

I had some difficulty figuring out what was going on because the pu
bug didn't contain an explanation of the changes in the upstream parts
of the package.  To clarify: the proposal is to upgrade from
10.1_10.1.23-9+deb9u1 to this 10.1.24-0+deb9u1.

I wasn't able to find the upstream changelog in the source package.
Admittedly I didn't look very hard - I eyeballed the source package.
There doesn't seem to be any discussion from the proponent to explain
what the upstream changes are and why (or whether) they are desirable.


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