[debian-mysql] MariaDB 10.3 uploaded to Debian experimental

Faustin Lammler faustin at mariadb.org
Wed Dec 19 04:20:47 GMT 2018

sorry for the delay in responding!

I will have time Thursday and Friday this week and then more time next
week to look on all this.

Otto Kekäläinen <otto at debian.org>,
18/12/2018 - 18:39:32 (+0200):

> > I will attempt to have a look at this on Thursday and fix all I can. Do you have a soft deadline for any of these so that I can prioritise?
> Thanks!
> Deadlines are a bit challenging because of the forced QA delays and
> quarantines Debian (for a good reason) enforces. My personal goal is
> to have this in Debian unstable by the end of the week, so it's
> possible to have MariaDB 10.3 in testing by the end of the year.
> Can you prioritize checking out the patches
> armhf_mroonga_storage_fail.patch and c11_atomics.patch if they can be
> updated to the 10.3 era ASAP, and then later help out with whatever is
> left to be done at the end of the week?
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