[debian-mysql] Bug#917075: mariadb-10.3: libmariadb3 causes removal of default-libmysqlclient-dev

Bas Couwenberg sebastic at xs4all.nl
Sat Dec 22 09:15:00 GMT 2018

Source: mariadb-10.3
Version: 1:10.3.11-1
Severity: serious
Justification: makes the package in question unusable or mostly so
Control: affects -1 src:gdal

Dear Maintainer,

libmariadb3 (1:10.3.11-1) conflicts with libmariadbclient18 (<< 10.2.0)
which causes default-libmysqlclient-dev to be removed.

When building gdal in unstable now, MySQL support is disabled because
libmariadbclient-dev cannot be installed:

 The following packages have unmet dependencies:
  libmariadbclient-dev : Depends: libmariadbclient18 (= 1:10.1.37-3) but it is not going to be installed
 The following actions will resolve these dependencies:

      Install the following packages:                      
 1)     libmariadb-dev [1:10.3.11-1 (unstable)]            
 2)     libmariadb3 [1:10.3.11-1 (unstable)]               
 3)     mariadb-common [1:10.3.11-1 (unstable)]            
 4)     mysql-common [5.8+1.0.4 (unstable)]                

      Keep the following packages at their current version:
 5)     libmariadbclient-dev [Not Installed]               

Please fix the incompatibility with the default-* packages.

Kind Regards,


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