[debian-mysql] Bug#917395: Bug#917395: mariadb-10.3 FTBFS on hppa

Otto Kekäläinen otto at debian.org
Thu Dec 27 17:33:28 GMT 2018


to 27. jouluk. 2018 klo 16.19 Helge Deller (deller at gmx.de) kirjoitti:
> Yes, I presented two possibilities how *I believe* this bug can get fixed:
> a) Add it to the list of unstable platforms where the test results should be ignored, or
> b) Add a unstable-tests.hppa file (it seems that existed in the past?).
> But since I'm no expert in mysql and since have no intention to become
> a mysql expert, I'm counting on your experise as package maintainer to decide
> on the best way to solve this issue.
> > please file a merge request on Salsa so I can include your fix in the
> > next upload.
> As parisc platform maintainer I can send a plain patch (like for other debian
> packages too) to this bug report if you let me know what solution you prefer.

I guess option B is best for now.

You don't need to be a MySQL/MariaDB expert in any way to submit
patches regarding the packaging. I am sure you are in Debian packaging
an expert or more. This package is huge and there is a lot of work
maintaining it, so we would prefer patches via Salsa (as many other
Debian packges too now and even more so in the future). The MR process
will automatically test and verify that your patch has no obvious


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