[debian-mysql] Bug#875890: Bug#875890: Please consider shipping /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysqld from upstream

Otto Kekäläinen otto at debian.org
Sat Dec 29 15:34:34 GMT 2018


pe 15. syysk. 2017 klo 19.18 Guido Günther (agx at sigxcpu.org) kirjoitti:
> Hi,
> it would be great if the package would ship upstream's profile (even if
> only in complain mode like upstream does). This would help to iron out
> the issues in the profile.

The problem is that we don't have any AppArmor expert on the team who
would be able to monitor/fix issues related to AppArmor. The
developers have been burnt by AppArmor issues in the past.

If you sign up to maintain it, I could consider including it.

The first thing you could do is to test with latest mariadb-10.3 if
the upstream profile today works at all to begin with.

If you get progress, please consider submitting contributions is as
merge requests on Debian's Salsa system:

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