[debian-mysql] Bug#917793: Bug#917793: Automatically update MariaDB plugin paths libmariadb18 -> libmariadb19 on upgrade from MariaDB 10.1 to MariaDB 10.3

Olaf van der Spek ml at vdspek.org
Sun Dec 30 12:23:58 GMT 2018

On Sun, Dec 30, 2018 at 1:21 PM Otto Kekäläinen <otto at debian.org> wrote:
> Package: mariadb-10.3
> Version: 10.3.11-1
> Severity: normal
> Tags: newcomer
> The new MariaDB 10.3 has it's library so version upgraded from 18 to 19. This means that the plugin files will also reside in another directory. If any of the plugins were active before the upgrade, they may fail to load after the upgrade since the path has changed.
> Some kind of automatic migration should be done in the mariadb-server-10.3 preinstall/postinstall scripts.

Shouldn't relative paths be used to avoid problems like this altogether?


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