[debian-mysql] Bug#917818: Automatically uninstall spider plugin on uninstall/upgrade

Otto Kekäläinen otto at debian.org
Sun Dec 30 17:20:03 GMT 2018

Package: mariadb-plugin-spider
Version: 10.3.11-1
Severity: normal
Tags: newcomer

The postinst of Spider installs the plugin automatically:

mariadb-10.3/debian$ cat mariadb-plugin-spider.postinst

set -e

# Install Spider
# No user or password parameter is required with new MariaDB that
# has unix socket authentication support by default.
mysql < /usr/share/mysql/install_spider.sql || true
# Always exit with success instead of leaving dpkg in a broken state


There is however nothing that would automatically uninstall it on 'apt
remove' or on upgrades (if the new version has the plugin path at a
different path).

Maintaining MariaDB in Debian requires a lot of work and if you find this
package important, please contribute by helping fix this bug. Also, if you
test out current MariaDB 10.3 in Debian and find any new issues, please
"scratch your own itch" and help out by fixing them.

The preferred way of submitting contributions is as merge requests on
Debian's Salsa system:
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