[debian-mysql] Bug#961672: Bug#961672: charset files not installed in a mysql-safe location

Otto Kekäläinen otto at debian.org
Thu May 28 07:11:30 BST 2020

A future version of MariaDB might have the charsets in its own
directory, but we can't start changing paths of stuff in existing
stable releases, such as MariaDB 10.3 in Ubuntu 20.04 or Debian
Buster. If MySQL introduces a backwards incompatible change, the new
uploads should test for them and work around issues discovered.

In MariaDB we are building python-mysql against libmariadb on every
commit in the CI to ensure nothing is broken:

If you think MythTV has something unique about this, we could add
MythTV builds to the CI to ensure new uploads of MariaDB does not
break MythTV builds in Debian?

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