[Pkg-nagios-devel] closing remaining bugs

sean finney seanius@debian.org
Wed, 1 Dec 2004 02:30:14 -0500

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so this is what's left on b.d.o not fixed in sarge or cvs:

- #260914 side.html has absolute paths in hrefs, breaking the "url_html_pat=
variable in /etc/nagios/cgi.cfg

would passing --with-cgiurl=3Dcgi-bin/nagios fix this?

- #257656 nagios-text: notifications_enabled is not used

um, i'm not sure what he's talking about

- nagios-text: please remove obsolete extinfo stuff from cgi.cfg

should be simple enough a change

- #282969 =3D?iso-8859-15?q?nagios-text=3D3A_fails_to_reload=3D09?=3D

should this be closed?  joerg, looks like you forgot to cc control@b.d.o

- #232060: nagios-text: Sound in Nagios CGIs

solved with a seperate package we may have to contact upstream about
licensing issues if it's not explicitly stated

- #258441: nagios-text: could nagios be compiled w/ --with-file-perfdata ?=
- #272633: nagios-text: could nagios be compiled w/ --with-default-perfdata

anyone know if these are still an issue?

- #282848 nagios-mysql: Wrong defaults in conf files

what do we need to do to close this one?

- #253624: nagios-mysql: Sound in Nagios CGIs

should be merged with #232060 in any case



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