[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#283947: nagios-text: forks too many processes when the machine is loaded

Cyril Bouthors Cyril Bouthors <cyb@debian.org>, 283947@bugs.debian.org
Thu, 02 Dec 2004 15:12:07 +0100

Package: nagios-text
Version: 2:1.2-3.6
Severity: normal

Nagios has a very bad reaction when the machine is loaded, it spaws too
many processes and kill the machine even harder:

root@ns2:/root/scripts# ps -C nagios h
  843 ?        SNs    0:31 /usr/sbin/nagios /etc/nagios/nagios.cfg
  18506 ?        SN     0:00 /usr/sbin/nagios /etc/nagios/nagios.cfg
  18509 ?        SN     0:00 /usr/sbin/nagios /etc/nagios/nagios.cfg
  18511 ?        SN     0:00 /usr/sbin/nagios /etc/nagios/nagios.cfg
  18515 ?        SN     0:00 /usr/sbin/nagios /etc/nagios/nagios.cfg
  18518 ?        SN     0:00 /usr/sbin/nagios /etc/nagios/nagios.cfg
  18521 ?        SN     0:00 /usr/sbin/nagios /etc/nagios/nagios.cfg
  18524 ?        SN     0:00 /usr/sbin/nagios /etc/nagios/nagios.cfg
  (... 146 processes skipped ...)

I think a trigger should take care of this and prevent such behaviours.


-- System Information:
Debian Release: 3.1
Architecture: i386 (i686)
Kernel: Linux 2.4.27-1-686-smp
Locale: LANG=C, LC_CTYPE=C (charmap=ANSI_X3.4-1968)

Versions of packages nagios-text depends on:
ii  adduser          3.59                    Add and remove users and groups
ii  apache [httpd]   1.3.31-6                Versatile, high-performance HTTP s
ii  coreutils [fileu 5.2.1-2                 The GNU core utilities
ii  debconf          1.4.39                  Debian configuration management sy
ii  libc6            2.3.2.ds1-18            GNU C Library: Shared libraries an
ii  libgd2-xpm       2.0.28-3                GD Graphics Library version 2
ii  libjpeg62        6b-9                    The Independent JPEG Group's JPEG 
ii  libpng12-0               PNG library - runtime
ii  mailx            1:8.1.2-0.20040524cvs-1 A simple mail user agent
ii  nagios-plugins              Plugins for the nagios network mon
ii  ucf              1.09                    Update Configuration File: preserv
ii  zlib1g           1:1.2.2-1               compression library - runtime

-- debconf information:
* nagios/wwwsuid: true
* nagios/configapache: Apache