Bug#284949: [Pkg-nagios-devel] upgrade problem: /etc/apache-ssl/httpd.conf

sean finney sean finney <seanius@debian.org>, 284949@bugs.debian.org
Thu, 9 Dec 2004 14:04:35 -0500

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On Thu, Dec 09, 2004 at 01:34:30PM -0500, Brian C DeRocher wrote:
> I was trying to install nagios-common 2:1.3-0+pre5.  Currently installed
> is apache 1.3.33-2.  apache-ssl is not installed.

> It didn't really seem like a bug, but more like a rare abnormality in my
> /var/cache/debconf/config.dat file.  But i'll file one.

yeah.  this is *exactly* why every document on debian development
discourages using debconf as a registry for package configuring.  like
i said previously, i'm working on cleaning up the old maintainer
scripts so crap like this doesn't happen.

> > - try to dpkg-reconfigure your version of nagios, which may let you
> >   re-specify the debconf settings.
> dpkg-reconfigure nagios-common =3D> not fully installed.
> dpkg-reconfigure nagios-text returns to prompt quickly and the problem=20
> persists.

the debconf question is in nagios-common.  take a look at the output

debconf-show nagios-common

i'll bet you see something like:

* nagios/configapache: Apache-SSL


* nagios/configapache: Both

assuming nagios-common is stll in a state that its debconf questions
are present, anyway.  you could try changing that:

echo set nagios/configapache none | debconf-communicate

and then dpkg-reconfiguring nagios-common again.

you could also try touching the file that it's complaining about (you
might also need to write a /bin/sh script that returns 0 in
/etc/init.d/apache-ssl), to see if that helps.

> > - try tarring up your /etc/nagios, completely purgeing nagios,
> >   reinstalling, and massaging your config back in.  this should only be
> >   your last resort
> I was afraid of this.  After purging nagios-text, nagios-common fully
> installed, so i purged that too.  Then i tried to install nagios-text
> and the problem reappeared.
> Setting up nagios-common (1.3-0+pre5) ...
> cp: cannot stat `/etc/apache-ssl/httpd.conf': No such file or directory

i know exactly where in the postinst that is.  before you try anything
else, can you try commenting out line 87 in


which should look something like=20


if that is not set, i believe the scripts will not do any
configuration of apache for you--you'll then need to take
care of this yourself, as well as reconfiguring the debconf
answer after the package is installed.

hope this helps,


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