[Pkg-nagios-devel] hosts.cfg is data not config

sean finney seanius@debian.org
Thu, 9 Dec 2004 14:42:21 -0500

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hi brian,

On Thu, Dec 09, 2004 at 02:16:51PM -0500, Brian C DeRocher wrote:
> I wanted to voice an opinion about hosts.cfg and similar files.  I=20
> see them as data and not configuration.  What's the difference? =20
> Config files modify HOW a program executes.  Data files modify WHAT
> a program executes on.
> nagios.cfg is config.  For example, use_syslog=3D1 is a setting.
> services.cfg is data.

there certainly is a difference between these two types of files,
but i would still consider them both configuration files, because
they are files on the system to which the local admin would most
likely want to make customizations.  for example, in services you specify
settings for what you're checking (notification options, warning periods,
et c).

> OK assuming we agree on that.  I think config files could possibly be=20
> stored in XML.  Data should be stored in CSV, or use libdb, or just
> abstract it all and use ODBC.  And understanding that it's data,
> perhaps it's better to store this information in /var/lib/nagios/.
> After all if i were using nagios-pgsql the data would be in /var/lib/
> postgres/.

this would be a reworking of how nagios functioned.  without commenting
on the merits or drawbacks, i would respectfully forward you to the
upstream developer on that one.

> You may be thinking, what sort of user want to fill in all fields in a
> CSV record when most are inherited.  My response is users should never
> have to edit that file.  The web application should have the feature
> to add host, modify host, delete host, services, contacts, etc.

again, you'll probably want to contact upstream if you are interested
in advocating for these features. =20

i think a key difference in terminology between you and i is that i use
"local admin", while you use "user", and i think that this signifies
a difference in viewpoint towards the package.  the "local admin" is a
type of person who should have no problem making changes in config files,
while a "user" could be someone else in your organization (like a manager,
or help desk staff), who might not have the knowledge or comfort level
required for editing these files, but would be happy to make changes in
a web-based interface.

i wouldn't be surprised if there has already been some kind of
spin-off of / add-on to nagios for doing this, but it's certainly
not part of the existing featureset.

> Also, your archives could be searchable.  I mean i would prefer to
> contribute to a thread rather than create a new one.

i'm not familiar enough with alioth to know if this is possible.
i'm also not the project admin for pkg-nagios... joerg?



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