[Pkg-nagios-devel] nagios changelog,1.26,1.27 control,1.8,1.9

Joerg Jaspert joerg@debian.org
Fri, 17 Dec 2004 23:08:06 +0100

On 10139 March 1977, seanius@haydn.debian.org wrote:

> also, i've changed the version for this to 2:1.3-1, since things
> are now stabilizing enough that i feel it's worth giving ourselves
> an "initial" debian revision number.

The reason for that version i choosed was not the testing of the new
packages. It was because I pulled fixes from cvs, which included a
version change to 1.3. But it isnt real 1.3 (not released from
upstream), so i choosed the pre thing. If they ever release 1.3 we are
able to switch to a "sane" -1 version without epoch or anything.

But considering that upstream just released 2.0b1 I dont know if they
ever release their cvs fixes branch as 1.3, so it may not be such a big
deal today.

BTW: Thanks for all your work with this package you did in the last
days/weeks Sean.

bye Joerg
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