[Pkg-nagios-devel] REPLY URGENTLY

Peter Fisher peter2mail@123mail.cl
Sat, 16 Apr 2005 09:10:16 -0400

Attn Dear
I am sorry if this letter comes to you as an
embarrasment but be rest assured that your=20
particulars of contact was given to me after a due
search for reliable and capable foreign=20
that will handle confidential a transfer of huge sum
of money from union bank.I am presently in kuwait=20
for a 3 days official duties.
I am a staff of OPEC(Organization of the Petroleum=20
Exporting Countries) We want to
transfer US$20M (Twenty Million Dollars)
to your account. This money came as a contract payment
with Shell petroleum.=20
This deal was sign by me and the president of shell
petroleum which US2 Billion
has been paid to shell account through Union bank.
Meanwhile I and my colleagues have agreed that if=20
you can act as the beneficiary of this=20
$20,000,000.00(Twenty Million Dollars), you will
retain 30% of the=20
total fund, for the assistance rendered, while we=20
would retain 60% of the total and the balance of 10%=20
of the total fund will be set aside for the=20
off-setting of all expenses that might be incurred by=20
both parties during the fund transfer process.=20
We are requesting you to co-operate with us, we=20
intend to come over there on the completion of the=20
fund transfer to secure our own share of the fund.=20
we would therefore want not want you=20
to expose this proposal to any body for the purpose of
security and its confidential nature.=20
Please be real assured that this transaction is 100%=20
risk-free. If this proposal is acceptable by you,=20
please contact me through my personal e-mail address
for further information on this transaction.=20
Note that the particular nature of your company=E2=80=99s=20
business is irrelevant to this transaction. Please=20
your favorable reply is urgently needed. This=20
information is highly confidential and urgent.=20
Best regards,=20
Dr.Peter Fisher