[Pkg-nagios-devel] Packages & Plugins

Stephan Wienczny Wienczny at Uni-Paderborn.de
Sat Dec 10 17:15:17 UTC 2005


how did you structure which packages contain which plugins?
At my site we have some problems with the current layout. We'd like to see 
more packages ;-)
I'd imagine something like this:

	nagios-plugins -> nagios-plugins-server, nagios-plugins-client

You will want to know why the current layout is a problem for us. We have got 
a server running a nagios server instance, doing aktiv-checks and requesting 
passive checks from our servers, and workstations. 
We are not able to seperate the aktiv and passive plugins; we have to install 
the complete package with all _dependencies_. 
I think that this is a quite common layout. 
What do you think about my proposal?
Stephan Wienczny

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