[Pkg-nagios-devel] Re: Bug#341748: ITP: nagios2 -- A host/service/network monitoring and management system

Marc Haber mh+pkg-nagios-devel at zugschlus.de
Thu Dec 22 01:02:29 UTC 2005

On Tue, Dec 20, 2005 at 06:47:39PM +0100, Marc Haber wrote:
> Currently, I don't see any use for debconf other than webserver
> configuration.

We probably should ask for the nagiosadmin password via debconf, as
the nagios 1 packages do. If somebody wants to implement this, please
feel free.

> And webserver configuration can be done more elegantly
> by package selection. For example, torrus has two binary packages
> torrus-apache and torrus-apache2, which only contain a single file
> /etc/apache/conf.d/torrus resp. /etc/apache2/sites-available/torrus,
> and depend on the appropriate web server and on torrus common.
> Nagios2-apache and nagios2-apache2 would have to depend on nagios2 and
> the appropriate web server, and would enable the system to be
> operational with a single apt call.

I'd like to have a decision about that rather soon.

> > > - Since nagios2 re-uses /etc/nagios and probably /var/foo/nagios
> > >   (didn't look), we might get in trouble if the local admin decides to
> > >   purge nagios after installing nagios2. I'd like to propose going for
> > >   /etc/nagios2 and /var/foo/nagios2, avoiding conflicts with nagios.
> > 
> > i've never been in this situation, and have to admit that i don't know
> > what would happen if a 1.x package was purged after a 2.x package was
> > installed.
> The 1.x package's postrm script would run, which would in turn zap
> /etc/nagios, /var/lib/nagios and /var/log/nagios => *boom*.
> You don't want this.
> After hosing a few tester's systems with the first exim4 packages, we
> decided to be completly independent from exim by coming as exim4
> consequently. I am convinced that this was the right decision.

After working on nagios2 for a day, I feel it is terribly wrong to be
in nagios subdirectories. We belong in nagios2 subdirectories.

Only if you insist on "nagios", the data will stay there. I am very
strongly in favor of moving to nagios2 directories.

> > as long as you're not going to do any surprise uploads, go ahead and
> > commit to trunk.  i'll try and keep tabs on the commit messages and
> > throw any feedback your way in the meantime.
> Great, thanks.

The large commit I did half an hour ago makes the .deb build cleanly,
and has the daemon running after installing the packages. At build
time, upstream's sample config is patched to reflect Debian changes
(in the future, failure in patching will break package build so that
we notice changes in upstream's sample config that might affect us),
and a minimal config file only checking localhost is installed.
Upstream's samples to into /usr/share/doc/nagios2-common/examples.

debian/rules has two new targets, unpack-configs and pack-configs.
unpack-configs will merge our diffs and upstream's samples to
debian-configs/ for package build or local changes, and pack-configs
will re-generate the debian-diffs for the cfg files after doing local
changes. This has been mercilessly ripped from exim4, thanks to
Andreas Metzler for working on this.

What still needs to be done is listed on the wiki page, and after
these things are done (which are still pending your "go ahead", which
I hope to receive after working so much on the package in the last few
days) the packages are ready to go to experimental.

For me, they are "good enough" to install on the first test system and
to try backports to sarge.


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