[Pkg-nagios-devel] Processing of nagios_1.3-cvs.20050116-3_i386.commands

Archive Administrator katie@ftp-master.debian.org
Wed, 16 Feb 2005 19:35:17 -0500

Log of processing your commands file nagios_1.3-cvs.20050116-3_i386.commands:

> rm -f nagios_1.3-cvs.20050116-1.dsc || true
-f: no such file
nagios_1.3-cvs.20050116-1.dsc: no such file
||: no such file
true: no such file
> rm -f nagios_1.3-cvs.20050116.orig.tar.gz
-f: no such file
nagios_1.3-cvs.20050116.orig.tar.gz: no such file
> rm -f nagios_1.3-cvs.20050116-1.diff.gz
-f: no such file
nagios_1.3-cvs.20050116-1.diff.gz: no such file
> rm -f nagios-text_1.3-cvs.20050116-1_i386.deb
-f: no such file
nagios-text_1.3-cvs.20050116-1_i386.deb: no such file
> rm -f nagios-mysql_1.3-cvs.20050116-1_i386.deb
-f: no such file
nagios-mysql_1.3-cvs.20050116-1_i386.deb: no such file
> rm -f nagios-pgsql_1.3-cvs.20050116-1_i386.deb
-f: no such file
nagios-pgsql_1.3-cvs.20050116-1_i386.deb: no such file
> rm -f nagios-common_1.3-cvs.20050116-1_all.deb
-f: no such file
nagios-common_1.3-cvs.20050116-1_all.deb: no such file


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