Bug#316271: [Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#316271: nagios install fails "chage: can't open shadow password fileadduser"

sean finney sean finney <seanius@debian.org>, 316271@bugs.debian.org
Wed, 29 Jun 2005 17:54:23 -0400

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hey dan,

On Wed, Jun 29, 2005 at 04:21:55PM -0500, Daniel wrote:
> > > Well that was the problem: I installed Debian fresh on this system us=
> > > the Sarge RC installer back in December I think.  When it configured
> > > passwd it never even asked me if I wanted shadow passwords and I forg=
> > > about it.  So shadow passwords were not being used on the system.

i can't be certain without reinstalling some system with an official
sarge installer (i suppose i could deboostrap+base-config, but i still
wouldn't be 100% certain), but i'm fairly certain shadow passwords
are the default these days.  looking in the debconf templates for
the shadow package included in the installer iso, i see the default
for the shadow question in true though...

i'll cc this to debian-boot to see if someone could verify this.

> > so in your opinion, should this bug be closed or should i reorganize
> > this bug as "nagios does not work on systems without shadow passwords"?
> in my opinion you should reorganize it because there definitely was a pro=
blem on the system
> without shadow passwords and because i think that the debian installer -
> at least some versions of it - were not asking if they should be enabled
> when setting up passwd.  so it is possible that a good number of systems
> do not have shadow passwords enabled and could run into this same
> problem.  or maybe you could close it and just have the installer do a
> quick test to see if shadow is enabled and then warn about it?

in any case i think not installing for systems w/o shadow passwords is a bu=
so i'll leave it open in some form or another.  but what i don't know
is how severe this is, which imo is in large part dependant on what
the installer does.



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