[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#308564: nagios-pgsql: README.pgsql is (slightly) wrong

Turbo Fredriksson Turbo Fredriksson <turbo@bayour.com>, 308564@bugs.debian.org
Wed, 11 May 2005 07:29:26 +0200

Package: nagios-pgsql
Version: 1.3-cvs.20050402-2.TF.1

Version excuse:
  This is a backport by me to install/build on a woody system.
  There is NO changes to the package exept:
    * Lower build depends to build on woody:
      - libmysqlclient12-dev => libmysqlclient10-dev
      - debhelper 4.2.21 => 4.0.2
      - libpng12-dev => libpng2-dev
    * Add libgd-noxpm-dev as build depends (as an or to libgd2-xpm-dev
      and libgd-noxpm-dev).

  The documentation say that I should load the database BEFORE it's created:
  ----- s n i p -----
     Next, we will setup the PostgreSQL database:
  # gunzip /usr/share/doc/nagios-pgsql/create_pgsql.gz
  # su postgres
  # psql nagios < /usr/share/doc/nagios-pgsql/create_pgsql
  # createuser -A -D nagios
  # createdb -O nagios nagios
  # createlang plpgsql nagios
  # psql nagios
  ----- s n i p -----

  The createdb/createuser line's should be done BEFORE
  the 'psql nagios < ...' line.
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