[Pkg-nagios-devel] breakup of nagios-plugins into sub-packages

Jeremy T. Bouse jeremy+debian at undergrid.net
Tue Oct 18 13:09:09 UTC 2005

    I would agree... I had wondered why we broke the sub-packaging from
the netsaint to the nagios plugins. I might interject that even this
breakdown could be done more as it was before wrt the dependencies
needed. The reason for this is if I don't need to monitor certain
services why would I want to install the plugins that will include far
more libraries and extra packages than I need. Why would I want all the
samba packages installed if I didn't run samba, or similarly with SNMP, etc.


sean finney wrote:

>just fyi, i've been working on breaking up nagios-plugins into
>smaller packages such that there exists an alternative for people
>who want a smaller subset of the plugins (and thus don't have to
>bring in as many dependencies).  for more background, take a look
>at the bugs page for nagios-plugins, there's a few open bugs
>about it.
>currently, my plan is to break nagios-plugins into three packages:
>- nagios-plugins-basic: the basic set of "local" plugins (load, disk
>  users, etc), plus any others that don't introduce new dependencies
>  (though i granted an exception for ssl, so all the tcp/udp plugins
>  could go here).  this package will make life easier for anyone
>  using nrpe and/or nsca.
>- nagios-plugins-standard: currently, everything else. 
>- nagios-plugins: a metapackage depending on all plugins packages,
>  which will serve as a reasonable default for most people, and also
>  provide backwards compatability.
>later on, i may decide to further split up the packages if it makes
>sense (perhaps splitting out snmp or something else), but i think it'd
>be better for our sake and ftp-masters' to start small and see how it
>goes.  the nagios-plugins metapackage will always depend on the
>whole suite though.
>so anyway, the current split is now committed in cvs, though i'd like to
>see my latest set of bugfixes make it to testing before doing the
>next upload.
>questions, comments, etc welcome.
>	sean
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