[Pkg-nagios-devel] Nagios SNMP plugins

Jan Wagner waja at cyconet.org
Tue Dec 5 13:19:27 CET 2006

On Tuesday 05 December 2006 12:57, sean finney wrote:
> hey jan,
> On Tue, 2006-12-05 at 12:23 +0100, Jan Wagner wrote:
> > [1]ftp://ftp.hometree.net/pub/nagios-snmp-plugins
> first things first, if you're interested in packaging nagios plugins,
> i invite you to join the pkg-nagios group, so you can use the
> available people/software resources there.

I´m actualy on task to (re)setup our nagios. So I may get in the rush that 
there are plugins, which may unpackaged for debian. So I´m looking what I can 
do. :-)

> as for the software in question, have you looked at an alternative
> implementation at http://www.manubulon.com/nagios/ (nagios-snmp.sf.net)?
> i've worked with the author of the former, and think the plugins in
> question are of pretty good quality.  furthermore, they query
> information based on the MIB-2 snmp subtree, so you don't need to
> special per-host snmpd configuration.  it seems that in the
> project that you've mentioned above you have to add proc/disk lines
> to snmpd.conf etc.

Thats what I used in the past on our systems. Anyways .. I did realized 
that "check_snmp" of "nagios-plugins-standard"  provides "snmp_disk" 
and "snmp_procs" to, but didn't found any documentations, what the args are 
Any hints?

Thanks and with regards, Jan.
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