[Pkg-nagios-devel] default configuration audit

sean finney seanius at debian.org
Sat Feb 4 12:38:54 UTC 2006

hey all,

now that the packaging is more or less free (hopefully) of bugs, i've
spent some time sitting down with the default configuration and
have made a list of comments for review.  i'm going to go ahead
and start with some of them either today or tomorrow, but feel
free to object to anything in the list, add anything to the
list, etc in the meantime.

- reorder/recomment the various cfg_dir/cfg_file comments/directives in
  nagios.conf to make more sense to the "new reader"
- the following files go in /var/cache, but i'm wondering if they
  should go in /var/lib:
  - comment_file=/var/cache/nagios2/comments.dat
  - downtime_file=/var/cache/nagios2/downtime.dat
- any reason for log_archive_path=/var/lib/nagios2/archives
  instead of /var/log/nagios2/archives?
- should we change date_format from us to iso8601?
- oh, look: p1_file=/usr/sbin/p1.pl  <- so we can change that afterall.
- should we enable regex matching by default?
- remove redundant (to the nagios-plugins-defined) checkcommands from
- conf.d file numbering isn't necessary, the order is still arbitrarily
  random (based on the results of getdirent).
- a couple more out of the box timeperiods (never, standard work hours,
  weekends, etc)
- contacts can be templated
- contacts and contactgroups are combined in the same file, which is
  nice.. maybe we should do the same for hosts/services.
- our config files could have a comment at the top that says "this is the
  default config supplied by debian, if you'd like to change it feel
  free to do so, but if you want to *add* to it we suggest you make life
  easier for yourself by using additional files in the conf.d directory
  or elsewhere".   at least for the template config files.
- for localhost's configs:
  - we can move more config options up into the template
  - PING is useless because we get it from check-host-alive, and
    if localhost isn't responding to ping the nagios server probably
    isn't running either :)
- notification_interval for hosts and services should *definitely* be 0
  by default.
- example hostextinfo and escalations configuration?
- hostgroups?


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