[Pkg-nagios-devel] nagios2 out the door!

Marc Haber mh+pkg-nagios-devel at zugschlus.de
Sun Feb 12 20:56:27 UTC 2006

On Sun, Feb 12, 2006 at 03:51:29PM -0500, sean finney wrote:
> however, i can think of a compromise which i think should get us
> the best of all worlds:
> - ship with it activated, but set permissions such that it is not
>   usable without administrative action.
> what do you think?

Conffile changes are, IMO, more natural than having to twiddle with
permsision overrides. I think what we currently do is just fine, and
that the manual intervention to allow external commands is the right
thing to do.

One alternative would be to ship with external commands enabled by
default. I am not sure about the security implications.

> also, i think the command file is misplaced.  currently, it's
> - /var/lib/nagios2/rw/nagios.cmd
> and as nagios 1.x does it, it should be something like
> - /var/run/nagios2/nagios.cmd
> seeing as it's a socket file that is created and removed every
> time the server starts/stops, i'm inclined to change this.

Agreed. Do it.


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