[Pkg-nagios-devel] nagios2 out the door!

Jan Wagner waja at cyconet.org
Tue Feb 14 08:53:03 UTC 2006


Thanks for your nice work!

On Sunday 12 February 2006 21:51, sean finney wrote:
> i unfortunately was not able to do the split-off of the extcommands
> as i hoped we'd be able to.  turns out the cfg_dir/cfg_file directives
> are only for object configuration data, and this is a server directive.
> ah well.  i think the only other recourses are to either do nothing,
> alter the nagios.cfg itself, or to ship with it enabled.
> however, i can think of a compromise which i think should get us
> the best of all worlds:
> - ship with it activated, but set permissions such that it is not
>   usable without administrative action.
> what do you think?

I tried to activate the external command interface. 

What I did (like stated in /usr/share/doc/nagios2/README.Debian
 Section "External Commands"):

root at gate:/etc/nagios2# grep check_external_commands *
root at gate:/etc/nagios2# dpkg-statoverride --update --add nagios www-data 
2710 /var/lib/nagios2/rw
root at gate:/etc/nagios2# 

After restarting nagios and using webinterface to reschedule some stuff I got:

"Error: Could not stat() command file '/var/lib/nagios2/rw/nagios.cmd'!

The external command file may be missing, Nagios may not be running, and/or 
Nagios may not be checking external commands.

An error occurred while attempting to commit your command for processing."

So maybe something is missing?

Thanks for your help. With kind regards, Jan.
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