[Pkg-nagios-devel] nagios2 packaging progress

Marc Haber mh+pkg-nagios-devel at zugschlus.de
Sat Jan 14 16:55:37 UTC 2006

Hi Sean,

On Mon, Jan 02, 2006 at 08:30:12PM -0500, sean finney wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 02, 2006 at 10:04:54AM +0100, Marc Haber wrote:
> > That is good news for the new year. Want me to work on the transition,
> > will you do it yourself, or is it already done?
> as far as transitioning goes, i think the biggest omission right now
> is simply documentation.  we can probably defer to docs provided
> by upstream for most of this, but we should have something in
> README.Debian pointing to that i guess, since that will be where
> lots of debian folks go to look.

I have committed a few paragraphs of docs, hoping that this is what
you expected.

> earlier today i threw in some stuff to make 1.x url support even
> easier using debconf/maintscript logic/ucf on apache2.conf.


> however, there are still some refinements/fixes that can be made 
> with the nagios2-only stuff.  most specifically, i think we can
> do more for the design and implementation of a default
> hosts/services/checks.

While I agree, do you think that should be finished and in place for
the first experimental upload?

> specifically, some of the default checks (ping/procs) are not
> working out of the box, and i'm thinking there may be more we
> can monitor as well.

We probably can only do checks on localhost for starters, which I do
not consider a prime target for a nagios installation. Which ideas do
you have?

> also, i think the "default stuff" we generate (whether on the fly or
> shipped) should be cut out and seperated from the other more general
> defaults, such that someone could cut out what we provide more easily
> and our changes will be also more localized.

The default stuff prepared in december bascially is the stuff shipped
by upstream stripped down to what's possible without local knowledge.
A possibility would be to ship (or generate) a debian.cfg which is
then pulled in just as the other files are. Again, I am not sure
whether this mechanism should be in the first upload.


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