Bug#374090: [Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#374090: nagios-mysql: unuseful database configuration (wrong file ?)

Cherubini Enrico kevin at bestkevin.com
Mon Jul 3 06:43:14 UTC 2006

 Sun, Jul 02, 2006 at 03:17:49PM -0400, sean finney wrote:

> what complained, exactly?  note that nagios-mysql does not depend
> on mysql-server intentionally, as there are cases where the local
> administrator may decide to use a remote database.

ok, this is right I suppose. I'm sorry I can't provide you with the
complaint 'cause I installed just one time and left the server in the
customer's office, so I can't connect to it anymore.

> i'm changing the severity, because it's perfectly able to do so, but in
> some cases it may require manual intervention before it can operate.
> yes some applications still require this :)

I understand, I love manual intervention ;) 

> it seems you may have also encountered some kind of bug in the
> config file generation, but i'm not sure if that's the case or
> ifit's only an after-effect of the previous problem.  in any
> case if you do believethere's a seperate bug about this problem,
> please provideme with a littlem ore information about it and
> how i can reproduce it, otherwise i'll close the bug when i
> upload the package with the changes i've mentioned above.

Well...I think it's not a must to add mysql-server dependencie, ppl can add
it after the installation if needed, but when someone install the server and
dpkg-reconfigure the package he believe that all is right configured, while
it's not. As I said, the dpkg-reconfigure creates a file called database.cfg
that is not included/used in any file. I had to change the nagios.cfg
manually and comment out the resources.cfg and include the new database.cfg
file. I think solutions, if you can reproduce the error, go from the prompt
of manually check the config to write out the databse config in the
resources.cfg file instead of the database.cfg.

I hope my description is clear, my english surely not :)


Bye Enrico

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