[Pkg-nagios-devel] nsca and nrpe work

sean finney seanius at debian.org
Mon Mar 13 06:45:59 UTC 2006

hi folks,

this weekend i've put a bit of work into nsca and nrpe.

first, nsca now has chroot support and debconf support for
selecting whether the daemon should start or not.  the way
the latter works:

- when the config script is run, it attempts to call invoke-rc.d --query
  to determine if the init script is already configured to run.  
- if it gets a definite yes or no it does nothing to preseed the
  debconf value.
- otherwise, it will use the presence/absence of nagios/nagios2
  to preseed the debconf value if the question has not been seen
- in the postinst, if the question has been answered (it has no debconf
  default, so if the value is non empty it was answered or preseeded
  for the first time).  the script is unregistered and reregistered

this should allow for installs and reconfigures of the package to
change the init script settings at any time, without using some
ugly /etc/default "RUN_DAEMON" hack or some abuse of debconf.  testing
would be appreciated.  i'll probably do an upload by the end of
the week unless i hear otherwise.

as for nrpe:  i've done some packaging work getting in the new upstream
version, but have also moved away from cdbs, as none of our other
packages use it, and i'm not horribly fond of it myself.  i believe
that the latest version in svn should be working but need to test it
before i can do an upload.

also, i'm considering removing the nagios-nrpe-doc package as it's
not a whole lot of documentation and just taking up space in the package
pool.  i'm sure ftp-masters would be happy to see a decremental change
for once :)  any objections?


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