[Pkg-nagios-devel] uploads abound!

sean finney seanius at debian.org
Fri Mar 31 06:29:10 UTC 2006

hi hi,

just uploaded the version of nsca i had pending for upload
for a while, and an nrpe package with a small config file fix.

in just a bit i'll be uploading the version of 1.x that i said
"i'll do this weekend" like a month ago.  there was no real
rush on doing it until the foobar with libmysqlclient15... so
no i'll do it for real.

marc tells me he's working on preparing 2.1, so we'll probably
see that in the near future too.

as for nagios-plugins: at upstream we're about ready for a new
1.4.3 point release, which is unfortunately not horribly exciting
because i've already backported many of the changes into
the current package.  or, rather, many of the fixes started in
the debian packages and were ported to the upstream CVS :)
in any case it will mostly be the removal of a bunch of
ugly dpatches.  *however*, there are a couple new plugins
which may or may not be part of this release (which may
or may not show up in the debian version anyway), which
may be of interest to folks:

- check_ntp: a pure-c, socket-io based plugin, so no longer must we
  depend on perl scripts with god-awful regexes and buggy output
  parsing.  this also means that we no longer have to depend
  on any ntp-packages.
- check_apt: about time this existed, wouldn't you say?

that's all for now...


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