[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#368684: nagios3: segfault caused by p1.pl being installed incorrectly

Matt Brown matt at mattb.net.nz
Wed May 24 08:16:19 UTC 2006

Marc Haber wrote:

> Can you give a example configuration?

Well, in the course of trying to narrow down my configuration to a set
of directives that triggers the error I came across a directive shipped
in the default nagios.cfg that is not in my configuration.


I don't actually use the embedded perl interpreter (that I know of) so
my configuration (which was originally for Nagios 2.0) did not contain
this directive.

Adding this directive to my configuration resolves the error.

As far as I can tell this is an undocumented directive, but one that any
Debian based configuration will need seeing as p1.pl has been relocated
from its default location.

So I guess this now becomes a documentation bug :)


Matt Brown
matt at mattb.net.nz
Mob +64 21 611 544 www.mattb.net.nz

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