[Pkg-nagios-devel] Notifications

Jan Wagner waja at cyconet.org
Mon Jan 8 10:59:54 CET 2007

Hi there,

I noticed some trouble related notifications since 6th dec 2006 on my nagios2 
installations. (in my logs I see until this day correct notifications)

[2006-12-06] Accepted 2.6-1 in unstable (low) (Marc Haber)

1rst: Notification is not send to correct contact_groups 

[1168164617] SERVICE ALERT: archive.daniel-baumann.ch;HTTP;OK;HARD;4;HTTP OK 
HTTP/1.1 200 OK - 455 bytes in 0.057 seconds
waja;archive.daniel-baumann.ch;HTTP;OK;notify-by-email;HTTP OK HTTP/1.1 200 
OK - 455 bytes in 0.057 seconds

# grep contact x_host_dbaumann_daniel-baumann.ch_nagios2.cfg
        contact_groups          dbaumann
# grep dbaumann *
local_contacts_nagios2.cfg:# 'dbaumann' contact definition
local_contacts_nagios2.cfg:        contact_name                    dbaumann1
local_contacts_nagios2.cfg:# 'dbaumann' contact definition
local_contacts_nagios2.cfg:        contact_name                    dbaumann2
local_contacts_nagios2.cfg:# 'dbaumann" contact group definition
local_contacts_nagios2.cfg:     contactgroup_name       dbaumann
local_contacts_nagios2.cfg:     members                 dbaumann1,dbaumann2
x_host_dbaumann_daniel-baumann.ch_nagios2.cfg:  contact_groups          

Sorry ... But I cant follow, why "waja" was choosed as contact, maybe any 
other can. This did work correct til anywhere early in dec 2006.

2nd: Notifications are only send, when changing to/from "hard non-OK"

This seems relevant with "notification_interval". 

nagios2:/etc/nagios2/conf.d# grep "notification_interval\ *0" *
generic-host_nagios2.cfg:               notification_interval           0
generic-service_nagios2.cfg:            notification_interval           
0               ; Only send notifications on status change by default.
nagios2:/etc/nagios2/conf.d# grep "notification_interval" 
        notification_interval   5                       ; default = 0

But there are only send notifications when the status become "hard non-OK" and 
retire from it.
The Webinterface says: "Notification Interval: No Re-notification"

I dont know, but both appeared anywhere after 6th dec. 2006, so I guess its 
related to 2.6.

Any ideas/hints?

Thanks and with kind regards, Jan.
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