[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#427782: nagios-common: /etc/init.d/nagios reload removes pid-file

John McPherson jrm+nagiosbug at wlug.org.nz
Tue Jul 3 23:32:02 UTC 2007

Package: nagios-common
Version: 1.4-3

(Debian 4.0)

/etc/init.d/nagios uses the "killproc" function sourced from
/lib/lsb/init-functions to send a HUP signal to the running nagios
process when you do a reload. At the end of the killproc function is

    rm -f "$pidfile"
    return 0

This can be fixed by replacing the line 204 in /etc/init.d/nagios:
   killproc -p $THEPIDFILE $DAEMON 1
   /sbin/start-stop-daemon --stop --pidfile $THEPIDFILE --signal HUP

This bug also seems to be the same bug reported in bug number 376070
and bug number 338391.

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