[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug #437357, changing nagios user home directory

Joerg Jaspert joerg at debian.org
Sat Nov 3 13:37:51 UTC 2007

On 11189 March 1977, Marc Haber wrote:

> I would like to solicit your opinion on #437357. I think that we
> should change the nagios user's home directory to something else,
> probably /var/lib/nagios or /home/nagios since the check-by-ssh plugin
> is likely to put its variable data there.


> A different fix would be to change the check_by_ssh plugin to pull its
> .ssh/config file from somewhere in /etc/nagios2 and to put its
> known_hosts file to /var/lib/nagios-plugins/check-by-ssh/known_hosts.


bye Joerg
>  I. What would you do if a package has no sane default configuration?
>     (There is *no* default configuration that works on most systems!)
   The best thing to do would be to add such a default configuration.
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