[Pkg-nagios-devel] Changing nagios user home directory, a coordinated effort

Marc Haber mh+pkg-nagios-devel at zugschlus.de
Sun Apr 27 13:40:08 UTC 2008

On Wed, Oct 31, 2007 at 03:35:05PM +0100, Marc Haber wrote:
> I would like to solicit your opinion on #437357. I think that we
> should change the nagios user's home directory to something else,
> probably /var/lib/nagios or /home/nagios since the check-by-ssh plugin
> is likely to put its variable data there.

We quickly settled on /var/lib/nagios.

However, the change was neither done in nagios2, nor does nagios3 use
/var/lib/nagios (it uses /var/run/nagios3, a new directory). I haven't
checked the auxiliary packages.

I suspect that we need to coordinate this change and have all
packages' postinst synced so that they replace all instances of
/var/run/nagios2 (nagios2), /var/run/nagios3 (nagios3), and probably
other directories set by various different packages with a single
/var/lib/nagios on package update (provided that the home directory is
still unchanged, preserving local admin changes).

I strongly suggest doing this before the lenny freeze.

What do you think?


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