[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#465530: Bug#465530: nagios-plugins 1.4-6sarge1 lacks check_procs

Luk Claes luk at debian.org
Wed Feb 13 22:56:24 UTC 2008

sean finney wrote:
> hiya,


Dropping security team (and members) and weasel from the recipients...

>>> the etch and lenny/sid versions both have explicit checks for a mounted
>>> /proc in debian/rules (test -d /proc/1), yes.
>> This check indeed fails very reliably on the s390 experimental buildd,
> s390 always seems to be the exceptional port... :)

Hmm, not really, though some people make it rather exceptional...

>> couldn't you check with 'test -d /proc/net' or something like that which
>>  would work ok?
> /proc/self maybe?

/proc/self is a link of course

>   mount | grep -qw /proc?

works fine

> actually now i think the check may no longer be necessary, since i think in 
> releases >> etch i committed a patch upstream that lets you specify the ps 
> cmdline syntax (so it doesn't need to autofigure it)

If the check is not necessary anymore, it would indeed be best to drop it.



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