[Pkg-nagios-devel] Nagios packages

Alexander Wirt formorer at formorer.de
Tue Mar 11 09:36:01 UTC 2008

Michael Hutchinson schrieb am Wednesday, den 05. March 2008:

> Hello,
> Are you going to include Nagios 2 in your package releases?
Ehm, nagios2 was even included in Etch. So stable, testing and unstable have
nagios2 and for sarge there are backports existing. 

> It is somewhat overdue. I have never had a problem using Nagios 2 under
> Debian, provided the config is correctly done.
> I can understand that Nagios2 may be considered not stable enough for
> Debian, for what reason I don't know. If that is the case, is there any
> chance that Nagios 3 will be considered for Debian packages once it has
> passed release candidate stage?
Nagios3 is already packaged and available in unstable. Chances are good that
lenny comes with nagios2 and 3. 

> Nagios is about the best monitoring program out there. I've tried so
> many of them in leiu of replacing Nagios 1.3 at our site, but will now
> settle for manually installing Nagios 2.0, as all the other products
> don't even come close for Reliability, Speed, and ease of
> administration.
Use the packages in debian stable. 


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