[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#448898: Bug#448898: Bug#448898: Announce of the upcoming NMU for the nagios2 package

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Sat May 17 05:48:13 UTC 2008

Quoting Marc Haber (mh+debian-packages at zugschlus.de):
> On Wed, May 07, 2008 at 09:57:40PM +0200, sean finney wrote:
> > actually, i think the current plan is that we will be dropping nagios2 
> > entirely before lenny freezes.  marc/alex feel free to correct me if i'm 
> > misremembering our decision.
> You are not. The rdepends have been asked to drop the nagios2
> dependencies, and nagios2 will die a quick death afterwards.

What is the status of this ?

As I was ignoring that situation, I started this NMU update thing,
which is obviously useless. Because of that, I'm monotoring the
package now and I theoretically have an upload that should happen with
the following fixes:

  * Debconf translations:
    - Hungarian. Closes: #459377
    - Italian. Closes: #448898
    - Swedish. Closes: #460199
    - Dutch. Closes: #466442
    - Finnish. Closes: #476881
    - Galician. Closes: #478138

If dropping nagios2 is "not yet ready", I'd like to get rid of this,
at least to stop having nagios2 in the way of l10n completeness (call
this silly but getting to 100% is important for translators)....and
thus I would push for an upload just for these issues.

If dropping nagios2 is "soon", I'm OK to wait at least a little bit,

What's the current status of rdepends?

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