[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#531716: (no subject)

Thomas Guyot-Sionnest dermoth at aei.ca
Fri Aug 14 03:09:40 UTC 2009

This bug is invalid.

The locale also affects input data. By passing a fractional number using
a dot (0.5), the function that converts it from string to the internal C
 type "double" stops reading at the first non-numeric character (dot) as
it expects commas as the decimal separator. The end result is the
warning parameter end up being 0.

> $ ./check_ntp -H localhost -w 0.5 -c 1;
> NTP OK: Offset -2.264976501e-05 secs|offset=-0.000023s;0.500000;1.000000;
> $ LANG=fr_FR.UTF8 ./check_ntp -H localhost -w 0.5 -c 1;
> NTP AVERTISSEMENT: Décalage -5,662441254e-05 secs|offset=-0,000057s;0,000000;1,000000;
> $ LANG=fr_FR.UTF8 ./check_ntp -H localhost -w 0,5 -c 1;
> NTP OK: Décalage -0,001363754272 secs|offset=-0,001364s;0,500000;1,000000;

Note: the performance data string includes the thresholds, and the
warning threshold appears as 0 in the warning case.


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