[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#528262: Bug#528262: Bug#528262: nagios-plugins-standard: Error in command_line in nt.cfg causes errors

Sven Velt sven at velt.de
Tue May 12 11:59:45 UTC 2009


Jan Wagner wrote:
> [...]
> > I see Jan's problem here with changing the default port. But IMHO it
> > would be more up2date to change from NSClient to NSClient++/nscp and
> > from port 1248 to 12489.
> I would say, we could write a new check "check_ntplus" with set "-p 12489", 
> wouldn't that be nice?

I *would* prefer "check_nscp" as the author named the software. But yes,
it would be a nice solution (independent of chosen command_name) for the
Debian packages.

Maybe we could add another one with "-l '$ARGV2'" add... ;-)



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