[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#528262: Bug#528262: Bug#528262: Bug#528262: nagios-plugins-standard: Error in command_line in nt.cfg causes errors

Soren Stoutner sorens at h3solution.com
Tue May 12 21:15:46 UTC 2009


I understand that I could change my setup to work with one argument as 
you have listed below.  I'm simply stating that all the documentation, 
both on the nagios.org website, nsclient.org, and the documentation that 
ships with the various Debian Nagios packages are following a 
standardized way of doing things.  Why don't we change the way the 
Debian packages are configured to match that standard, documented 
method.  I see two advantages:

1.  Doing things in a standardized way makes it easier for people who 
work in mixed environments, are first time users of Nagios, or those who 
are recently switching to Debian.
2.  Doing things in a standardized way makes it easier for the package 
maintainers, who don't have to maintain a large set of modifications to 
the upstream sources that need to be applied every time there is an 
update to the program.

Alternately, if bringing check_nt into compliance with the documentation 
isn't a viable option, then we need to file bugs against each of the 
Debian documentation packages so that they accurately reflect how 
Debian's Nagios installation runs.

Either way, I appreciate all the hard work you and others have put into 
maintaining the Debian Nagios packages.


Jan Wagner wrote:
> the following works here with the default "check_nt" definition:
> "check_nt!'USEDDISKSPACE -l c -w 90 -c 95'"
> For your NSClient++ running on Port 12489 the following _should_ work:
> "check_nt!'USEDDISKSPACE -l c -w 80 -c 90 -p 1248'"
> With kind regards, Jan.
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