[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#503943: nagios3: Waits for notification to finish

Alexander Wirt formorer at formorer.de
Sat Sep 5 09:40:49 UTC 2009



> I have a custom notification command - instead of sending e-mail it
> displays a pop-up window using xmessage. I used it for a few years with
> nagios 1.x. Now we try to migrate our config to nagios 3.x and found
> this bug:
> Nagios is waiting indefinitely for notification command to finish. This
> is not a problem when sending e-mails, as mail command usually exits
> quickly. But my xmessage notification sometimes does not exit quickly.
> (i.e. when I'm away and there's nobody to close the popup). I noticed
> that while nagios3 is waiting for notification to exit, it does not do
> any service checks, and eats all cpu! It does not care about setting
> notification_timeout=30. I let the popup open for more that 30 minutes
> and nagios was still waiting for it. After I closed the notification
> window, this line appeared in nagios.log:
> Warning: A system time change of 0d 0h 37m 28s (forwards in time) has
> been detected.  Compensating...
> This apparently does not happen with nagios 1.x as I often had multiple
> popups on my desktop with and nagios was happily checking services
> further, and displaying new notifications for new problems or recoveries.
This is a known problem in nagios 3.0.x, upstream did several improvements in that areay. I will upload 3.2.0 later this day, would you mind to test if the problem is gone with that release?



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