[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#514588: any chance of this being implemented for squeeze?

Matija Nalis mnalis+debianbug at carnet.hr
Thu Aug 12 14:48:09 UTC 2010

tags 514588 ipv6

Any chance of implementing this tested patch for squeeze?  
It would help meet the Squeeze release goal of full IPv6 support.

The patch's been working flawlessly for almost two years here, and
others have confirmed it working also. I've also included a detailed
explaination exactly why and how is current code broken, and
instructions how to reproduce the bug. The patch itself is simple,
too (even simpler than those 57 lines might indicate - it just adds
extra argument to all those sscanf(3) lines to fix the string matching)

I've just reconfirmed the bug still exists in current squeeze 
nagios-plugins-basic 1.4.15-1, and that a patch still applies 
cleanly (with just a minor offset of few lines).

Is there anything else I could do to help this move forward?

Thanks for your consideration,
Matija Nalis

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