[Pkg-nagios-devel] Standard for naming Nagios-/Icinga-plugins

Alexander Wirt formorer at formorer.de
Thu Mar 18 08:36:24 UTC 2010

Morten Werner Forsbring schrieb am Wednesday, den 17. March 2010:


> I've put together a Debian package of the Nagios-/Icinga-plugin
> check_openmanage [1]. Is there a common understanding on what we should
> call these packages? Any prefix we should use? If not I'll just call it
> check-openmanage.
We (as in Jan Wagner and me) would prefer a naming like
nagios-plugins-openmanage. But maybe its better to not add every plugin into
a new package. Unfortunatly I'm currently swamped with icinga, check_mk and
nagios3. Would somebody else maybe build a skeleton for a general package
including several plugins. 

My current ideas are as follows (others: feel free to add more ideas):

* Name: nagios-plugins-extra
* Description should contain the included plugins (oneliner should be enough) 
* Copyright should list every plugin 
* Maybe source3.0 with multiple tarballs should be used, maybe not (I'm no
friend of 3.0)
* Dependencies of plugins should downgraded to recommends or suggestions and
should be mentioned in README.Debian

Any volunteers?


P.S. subscription to the list is (afaik) not moderated. But I'll have a look
on it later if I have the password for list administration

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