[Pkg-nagios-devel] Standard for naming Nagios-/Icinga-plugins

Morten Werner Forsbring werner at debian.org
Fri Mar 19 16:41:11 UTC 2010

Alexander Wirt <formorer at formorer.de> writes:

>> I've put together a Debian package of the Nagios-/Icinga-plugin
>> check_openmanage [1]. Is there a common understanding on what we should
>> call these packages? Any prefix we should use? If not I'll just call it
>> check-openmanage.
> We (as in Jan Wagner and me) would prefer a naming like
> nagios-plugins-openmanage.

That implies that there is more than one plugin in the package. For
one-plugin-packages I would personally prefer
nagios-check-openmanage-plugin (or just nagios-openmanage-plugin, but
there are several plugins that use openmanage to check health status on
Dell hardware). The name is not important to me, but I prefer if we
could agree on common naming.

> But maybe its better to not add every plugin into a new
> package. Unfortunatly I'm currently swamped with icinga, check_mk and
> nagios3. Would somebody else maybe build a skeleton for a general
> package including several plugins.

I agree that this could be a good idea for plugins that are simply a
script without their own Makefile or similar.

> My current ideas are as follows (others: feel free to add more ideas):
> * Name: nagios-plugins-extra

We could split this in two binary packages (one for plugins that you
mainly use on the Nagios server and another for plugins that would also
be useful on Nagios "clients"). This is the same as nagios-plugins-basic
and nagios-plugins-standard, except that at least I had to read the
package descriptions to understand the latter two. :)

> * Description should contain the included plugins (oneliner should be
>   enough) 
> * Copyright should list every plugin

I guess we should also have a list which includes plugin name, homepage
for plugin, where to download, and version included in the package. Does
debian/watch support multiple entries?

> * Maybe source3.0 with multiple tarballs should be used, maybe not (I'm no
>   friend of 3.0)
> * Dependencies of plugins should downgraded to recommends or suggestions and
>   should be mentioned in README.Debian
> Any volunteers?

I can at least participate. :)

> P.S. subscription to the list is (afaik) not moderated. But I'll have
> a look on it later if I have the password for list administration

Thanks. If you don't find anything in the queue I guess something is
wrong with mailman on alioth, and I would appreciate if you could add me
as a subscriber.

- Werner

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