[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#575485: Bug#575485: stylesheets alias does not have corresponding <directory> entry

Tomas Kuliavas tokul at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Mar 27 07:29:48 UTC 2010

2010.03.26 20:40 Alexander Wirt rašė:
> Tomas Kuliavas schrieb am Friday, den 26. March 2010:
>> Package: nagios3-common
>> Version: 3.2.0-4
>> /usr/share/doc/nagios3-common/examples/apache2.conf sets "Alias
>> /nagios3/stylesheets /etc/nagios3/stylesheets" without setting
>> "<directory
>> /etc/nagios3/stylesheets>". It depends on loose root directory access
>> permissions and can be broken if root directory access is restricted in
>> /etc/apache2/conf.d/security
> Hmm? there is a
> <DirectoryMatch
> (/usr/share/nagios3/htdocs|/usr/lib/cgi-bin/nagios3|/etc/nagios3/stylesheets)>
> in the config.

Sorry. My mistake. I had this problem on lenny (nagios3-common
3.0.6-4~lenny2). I checked 3.2.0-4 package to make sure that same issue
was there and I didn't check <directorymatch> differences between lenny
and sid.

Problem exists only on lenny. If you had other bug reports about it,
sorry. Close this report.


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